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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Listing Aprons

I've begun the slow (for me anyway) process of photographing the new aprons and then listing them in my store - CherryPieAprons.  Before I can take the photos I have to iron each apron and let me tell you, I do not enjoy ironing!  I know many people find it relaxing and I wish I could but it just doesn't work for me.  Then there is that camera part to it.  I fiddle and fool around with the camera, with the lighting, with the kitchen props and with the aprons.  I admire the many professional looking photos on etsy but mine just never quite come out the way I would like.  On the bright side though - they are getting better and are so much improved over the photographs I took when I first opened the store!  Here are a couple:

Fall Brown Paisley apron

I really like this fabric.  It reminds me of my mom in the 1960's.  Not sure why but it does.  It's pretty and practical with the large pockets.


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