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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Author Kathy Reichs - How does she do it all?

I just finished reading a rather dated article about Kathy Reichs that was published in The Strand Magazine.  I love mysteries and that is one of my favorite magazines that helps me keep up with authors, new books, new themes, etc.  Anyway, the article on Kathy makes me a bit nuts and makes me feel like a huge slug.  She is originally from Chicago (one of the greatest cities in the world by the way!) and she received her MA and PhD in physical anthropology from Northwestern University in Chicago.

What amazes me is that she does all of the following:  1) she writes one best seller after another involving her now well known character, forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan; 2) she continues to work as a forensic anthropologist for both the state of North Carolina's Chief Medical Examiner and for the province of Quebec's Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de Medecine Legale (I'm assuming that she also speaks perfect French); 3) she writes and publishes hundreds of professional academic papers as a world authority on forensic anthropology; 4) she has testified as an expert witness in the United Nation's genocide trial in Rwanda and has been part of the team of forensic anthropologists who have exhumed the remains of many who were killed during Guatemala's civil war, and 5) she has been the co-producer of the popular TV series "Bones" that is based on her novels.


Unfortunately the article doesn't explain how she does all of this.  And by the way, she has a daughter who is a writer.  Reichs is under contract for a total of 16 books and she writes one book per year.  I think she is pretty close to the 16th book now as she was working on number 12 when this article was published a couple of years ago.  See?  I can't even stay current on reading my magazines, let alone accomplish a fraction of what she does!  Oh well, she can serve as an inspiration!

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