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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We are getting there!

The constant pounding outside of my window has slowed down my blog writing. The headache doesn't help. But there is progress!  As of Friday, I have a stove and sink again.  Plus, the kitchen is all in one room as opposed to being scattered all over the house.  It is all temporary because our plan is to buy new cabinets, stove, sink and put in counters.  As of now I don't have counters so the kitchen table is doing double duty.   So we have gone from this on Saturday:

(The dogs had to be tied up - they were getting into everything and ran the risk of being drilled).

To this:
Arturo was quite creative with the cabinets.  We got the electricity in that room hooked up yesterday so now we are pretty much set for the moment.  While it's not my dream kitchen, I'll tell you that it seems like one right now after not having anything for two weeks.  Not having something puts the world in a better perspective.

When we get back from Patzcuaro we are going to paint and do a few other changes.  They are still working on the patio but the house is no longer covered with concrete dust so we are much saner than what we were a week ago.

Tomorrow we leave for Patzcuaro for Arturo's opening show of his museum.  We will have between 4-6 people staying with us for a bit over a week so it should be a lot of fun.  I won't be online as we don't have any internet service in our house so I won't be around until after July 21st.  Hopefully I'll have some good photos to post when I get back.  Enjoy your July!

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