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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This and That

I don't really have a plan today - just a post to catch up a bit.  I've had a bad cold the last couple of days and wasn't up to doing a lot of things.  The sun has finally come out and the warmth feels good!  The dogs spend most of their days lying on the patio, getting too hot so they come in to drink water, and then go back out in the sun.  What a life.  

Citlali wants food - as usual

One of Poukie's favorite spots

I'm working on making items for the second store that I'm going to open.  I'm calling it "Marna Mae Creations" and it will focus on crocheted and eco friendly items.  Almost everything will be listed at much lower prices than my aprons are priced.  It will interesting to see what happens but I'm excited to be starting something new.

My knitting is going slowly.  I ripped out the pink shawl I was working on and started over with a different pattern.  The original pattern was all counting and I couldn't converse with anyone or watch TV while knitting.  Since I tried to do both it was full of errors and I just couldn't stand it anymore.

I also have been working on the outline for the mystery novel I am writing.  Still a lot of research to do but I'm have so much fun with it.  There are so many excellent blogs on writing and publishing that are really helping me out.
Here is one last picture - can't remember where I took it.  Poukie and Citlali are really traveling!

These dogs get around!

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