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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lincoln Park Zoo and Rainy Mexico City

I know that I have nothing to complain about - especially since so much of the United States is experiencing such awful droughts - but I am getting a bit weary of all the rain this summer in Mexico City.  It's been raining most of today and we probably won't see the sun for another four days.  On top of that it has been raining, sometimes pouring and hailing, almost every afternoon for the past two months.  I've been wearing a sweater more often than not.  Ok, I'm done complaining.  At least for today.  Now I'm going to travel in my mind back to Chicago.

One of my family's favorite places is Lincoln Park Zoo where this picture was taken.  Ever since our two oldest girls were babies, we have been regular visitors and have enjoyed watching the zoo babies grow over the years and the new ones arrive.  I don't think much compares to the simple pleasure of strolling through the zoo grounds on a sunny day, eating popcorn and chatting with those you most love.  From left to right:  Laura, me, Sonia and Arturo.

Here are my son-in-law Pat with Laura, and Arturo making one of his infamous faces. Luckily we are all used to it. Pat is a Chicago Bears fan as you can see.  As well as the Chicago White Sox and Bulls.  Oh, and the Blackhawks.  Let's hope the White Sox win this year!

Our oldest daughter Diana isn't in these photos since she had already gone back to Denver when they were taken.  However, it is telling that when it came time to select the location for her formal engagement photos, she didn't hesitate in picking Lincoln Park Zoo - of course!  The pictures below are of Diana and Reid back in April, 2012.

 Unfortunately, you can't see their faces very well as I was usually too far away.  Luckily I was not the photographer that day.  They wisely decided to have a professional take the pictures.
 They went through a couple of wardrobe changes.  My daughter, unlike her mother, plans ahead.
I took a lot of bunny pictures when the kids were too far away for me to take a photo of them.  There actually were four rabbits and they were all playing together.  They absolutely refused to cooperate and pose together for a picture.  So I had to settle for one.  I suppose if I were a bit quicker with the camera I could have at least gotten two of them together.  I'll have to practice!

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