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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pictures from Patzcuaro

Following up on my post from yesterday, here are more pictures from the Mexican colonial town of Patzcuaro.  If you like to sit in an outdoor cafe in the evening while drinking a cup of coffee, or better yet a glass of wine, and watch the children play in the plaza and the young couples walk hand in hand around the plaza square, then Patzcuaro is the place for you.  Restaurants and shops line the square around the plaza which is beautifully landscaped with paths around it and through it, with a large statue in the center.                          
This is one of the buildings that surrounds the plaza.  The second floor has lovely windows outlined in stone and balconies with flowers.  A distinctly European influence.
  The statue in the center of the plaza.  Benches are everywhere if you want a rest from walking the paths.
 This is the street leading to our house.  All the houses in the "centro" are painted white and brick red.  You can see the mountains in the background.  As I described yesterday, beautiful, large houses with gardens and patios are behind those doors.  It's amazing to see inside when a door happens to be open.
 This picture shows an old church in a nearby town that dates to the 17th century.  This town is known for making the rustic wooden furniture that is so well known in much of Mexico.

The picture below is of the ceiling of the church.  It is in surprisingly good condition.

Don't be afraid to travel to Mexico - the people are lovely, the scenery and architecture are something that you just shouldn't miss.

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