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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Norway: Midnight Sun, Fjords and Art

In the mid 1800's my ancestors arrived at Ellis Island and from there they migrated to Iowa, Wisconsin and Canada where they mostly farmed.  My daughters, husband, son in law, soon to be son in law and I are planning a trip to Norway next summer and I've started some of my research as to where we want to go.  One of the most famous natural sights that are a most see are the fjords.

The fjords were carved from the hard rock mountains along the coastline by slow moving glaciers.  What is left are steep cliffs, lush green slopes and snow capped mountains.  You navigate the fjords by boat and you can choose a trip of several days or a one day journey. For the more adventurous, you can hike, go kayaking, skiing or cycling.

Besides its natural beauty, Norway has a rich cultural history that includes popular folklore.  Everyone has heard of the infamous Vikings who some say were the first to reach North American by ship.  But did you know that Norway did not gain its independence until 1905?  For centuries it was ruled by Denmark and then Sweden for a briefer time.

Norway is well known for its beautifully knitted sweaters.  They are knit from wool and besides being gorgeous, they will keep you warm during the coldest of the cold winters.  Check this one out on Etsy.  Amarinalevin

Rosemaling is another treasure that comes mainly from Norway.  It involves painting motifs on wooden or tin furniture, chests, plates, figurines, jewelry, etc. This piece can be found at HobNobArtisan on Etsy.

 There is so much more to say and show about Norway.  Another day!

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