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Friday, October 26, 2012

To Our Beloved Maxwell

If you are fortunate, God gives you one nearly perfect dog during your lifetime.  Non dog lovers may not understand this, but a dog truly can be your best friend.  My family has been a fortunate one.  We had our beloved Maxwell, aka Maximilliano, Maximus, Maxie, Maxer Pracsir (we totally made that one up), in our lives for 14 wonderful years until he died one year ago today.  Max was unique because he somehow managed to be the best friend to five people without ever making any of those five jealous of the attention he bestowed on the others.  Maxwell had a sixth sense of when we were feeling down and he would do his best to spend time with us to lift us back up.  And of course he loved it when we were happy and would join in with our fun in a second's notice.

He had so many funny traits.  He was a big dog and he adored to help us carry things in his mouth when we took him for walks.  He was happiest carrying a bag of something and would wag his tail and wiggle his butt as he walked - as if he was telling the world "Look at me.  I can help too!"  Or when we would come home at night he just had to take our purses and run through the house with them, often dumping the contents as he went.  But we never ever minded.  We loved it.

There are so many Max stories to tell.  And we will tell them as the my daughters and I have a plan for doing just that.  But for today, we celebrate Max's life and we want him to know how much we miss him!  We will forever miss him.  In the tradition of the Mexican celebration for the Dia de los Muertos, we too believe that Max somehow is still with us.  We love you Max!


  1. I'm so sorry you lost your Maxwell, but it's great to see you remembering him! My dog Ike is my "one perfect dog", and I just can't imagine life without him!

  2. Max was also with us on many road trips to Wisconsin to visit our great-grandma and grandma. It was not easy to fit three girls and an 80lb dog in the back seat. On one road trip, our nerves were getting the best of us after our car broke down, and our father started to scream at us for being obnoxious. We all were near tears, when Max reached out to my dad and simply placed his paw on his shoulder - as if to say "its going to be ok". We all burst out into a fit of laughter!

    He was able to take a horrible situation and turn it into one of our favorite memories.

    1. That is such a good memory. He was only a year old yet so mature! Haha

  3. Thank you Vanessa. We've shed a lot of tears since Max died but we have also shared so many laughs and good memories! I'm happy you have an Ike in your life.