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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The January Wedding of Diana and Reid

People most likely thought that my daughter, Diana, and her then fiance, Reid, were absolutely nuts to plan a January wedding in Chicago.  Chicago is not known as a particularly fun place to be during the deep freeze that is called "January".  However, they forged ahead and managed to plan what turned out to be a spectacular wedding (yes, I'm a bit prejudiced) and even the weather cooperated with them as we enjoyed the warmest spell that Chicago has seen for a long time.  It is even more remarkable that they pulled this off considering that they did not live in Chicago and had to plan it from Denver and then from Marblehead, MA following their move there in late July.  I wish I could say that I was indispensable to them in carrying this off, but alas I was in Mexico for most of the time and just about no help at all.  Anyway, enough said and here are some of the many gorgeous photos of that very happy day that we spent with family, our new family, friends and new friends.  (Warning:  I'm not good enough at this for these to be in any sort of order.)

Their first moment as husband and wife.  I think this was right after Diana said "yippee".

Our immediate family: Laura and her husband Pat, my mother-in-law Josefina, myself with Arturo behind me, Diana and Reid, Sonia, my sister-in-law Marcela and her partner Antonio.  We missed Rosana and Alfonso!

Downtown Chicago - stopping traffic on LaSalle St.  I love it!
You can't see it very well, but even the Priest had a huge smile on his face.
And here come the girls taking over Chicago.

I love this one taken in the lobby of the Drake Hotel where they had the reception.  Could be the cover shot for a new TV series.

I'm not sure when they took this one - right before the guests came in maybe?

My three girls.  Laura will probably protest this one being included but it's cute.

That's me looking wistfully at my soup while Arturo gives the toast to the bride and groom.  I thought it would be rude to eat while he was talking but my soup did get cold.  He ad libbed a bit.

This is Gail.  Diana's new mother-in-law and my new friend.

Father and daughter dance to a song from Marco Antonio Solis.

My daughter Laura and my wonderful first son-in-law, Patrick Ford.  Laura and Pat have been married three and a half years.

Diana and Reid strolling to their reception.

Diana loving every minute of her day!

My youngest daughter and forever my baby, Sonia.

I always love the photos of the bride and groom coming out of the church.  Remember this was a January day in Chicago and no one looks like they are freezing!

Such a beautiful couple.  We are so lucky to have two great sons-in-law!

They wanted a lot of photos from downtown.  Diana loves her Chicago!

Seven gorgeous bridesmaids and one beautiful bride.

Love on LaSalle Street.  

I love this with a good part of the Chicago skyline.  We are prejudiced but we believe that Chicago has one of the best skylines in the world!

Reid is the oldest of three boys: from left to right are Trevor, Reid and Alec.

And Diana is the oldest of three girls:  l-r are Sonia, Diana and Laura.

Love the yellow shoes, love the smile and I love my Diana!  What a beautiful day it was that we were able to share with family and friends!

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