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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Citlali and Poukie

I want to introduce the cast of characters who live with us here in Mexico - Citlali and Poukie.  Since our daughters are adults living on their own, the only ones who agreed to accompany us to Mexico were our dogs.  They may disagree with the "agreed" part but they seem to be adjusting well to their homeland.  They are Xolozcuintls and both were born in Mexico.  They also are known as the "Mexican Hairless" breed as they have very little hair - mostly it is on their heads and feet.

 The above is Poukie.

And this is Citlali.

They love the sun, food, walks and our bed.  They hate the cold and rain.  Both are extremely spoiled (my fault mostly but they do gather around Arturo when he eats for a reason).  Poukie also loves to bark and tries to attack every dog he meets - no matter what the size of the other dog.  This makes Citlali quite nervous as they are always walked together and she has no desire to be eaten by a dog who is 10 times her size.

You will see quite a bit of Citlali and Poukie.

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