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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts

Arturo left early this morning to meet with an artist in Cuernavaca - a beautiful town/city about two hours from here.  It is called the town of the "eternal Spring".  It should only take one hour to get there, but with Mexico City traffic he will be lucky to make it in two.  So the dogs and I have the house to ourselves, something I really enjoy every once in awhile.  I like to be alone and work on aprons, read, write, take the dogs for walks, and most importantly, not have to cook!  Here is an apron I just finished:

I don't have the dress form here in Mexico so it's hard to see what it really looks like.

Half of our house and garden are still under construction/remodeling.  When we first started building this house, 30 years ago, we only had enough money to build a small kitchen, one other room and a bathroom.  Our first two daughters were born in Mexico City and spent the first years of their lives in those rooms.  We had a large backyard and patio too where they could play.  We were cramped but it's strange how I didn't really mind.  In a funny way, we were cozy and had what we needed.  I won't be a hypocrite and say that I want to go back to living in just two rooms, but at the time it was okay.  But now we are 30 years older and have decided that the house needs major remodeling (through the years we built on and currently have two stories, dining room, living room and two bedrooms).  We are extending the living room - photos soon to come - and want to build a third bedroom upstairs and another bathroom.  Kitchen needs a makeover too.  And Arturo has been really working on the garden.

In the meantime, this is where I have my little office:

And I have set up my sewing machine in the dining room:

Maybe one day I will learn to take better photos!  We can only hope.

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