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Monday, July 9, 2012

Making Blankets For Animal Shelters and Etsy Contributions

Today I'd like to focus on what animal lovers can do to help out the homeless animal shelters as well as highlighting a couple of Etsy stores that donate part of their shop proceeds to such shelters.  First, one project for those who like to knit, crochet or sew is the Snuggles organization.  This is a terrific organization that works to provide blankets to animals living all over the world in shelters.  They have found that a frightened or difficult animal, after being given its own blanket, is able to calm down, thus providing the caregivers time to assess the situation and better handle the animal.  Snuggles believes that this calming effect has saved many lives of newly sheltered animals.  There is also a benefit to the shelter because the blankets provide a more homey, comfortable home and atmosphere for the animals, visitors and staff.

Now, the best part for crafters is that you can make the blankets in your own home with the website providing the preferred sizes and patterns (however you can use any pattern or medium that you like) and it guides you to the shelters in your area which accept the blankets.  Snuggles location directory.  It is so easy yet can make such a difference in an animal's life - an animal who has lost its home, loved ones and is frightened and lonely. Snuggles also has a form that it requests that you fill out when you donate blankets so that they can keep track of how many shelters worldwide are being provided with your handmade blankets. I think we all believe that when we make handmade items, they are made with love and the recipients feel that love.  So let's go spread some of that love on these animals!

And indeed, there are many gifted people on who are donating part of their proceeds to animal shelters.   Let's look at a few (I wish I could show all of them).

Storied Threads sells these adorable Pet Bandanas and donates 75% of the proceeds to a local no-kill animal shelter.  Wouldn't your favorite dog love to sport one of these?

This beautiful silkscreen art print, called Betty the Cat, from the Hero Design shop would be a lovely addition to any home and 100% of the proceeds to the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.  This print is of "Betty", one of the shelter cats who was waiting to be adopted.

And finally, if you purchase one of these catnip toys (they come in two different sizes) you are assured that 100% of the  proceeds go to one of the three rescue organizations that the SunStones' owner volunteers for.  So let's get moving and
find a way to make
life better!

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  1. This is fantastic! I love animals, and it's always nice to give back when we can :)