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Monday, May 27, 2013

La Lagunilla - Mexico City's Antiques Market

Yesterday was Arturo's birthday (Happy 58th mi amor!) and he wanted to spend it in one of his favorite places in Mexico City - La Lagunilla, a large flea market that has one large section with only vintage and antiques.That is the part of the market that we hit on many Sundays, while bypassing the rest of the stands.  We've come to know many of the vendors and have found artwork, furniture, household items and so much more.  Arturo has a great eye for what is good and what is junk and we've decorated our house here with some of his finds.  For example:

He bought two of these armoires about two years ago.  They actually are from the United States but somehow they made their way to Mexico City.

He loves paper mache horses and this is the first one he bought at La Lagunilla.  It needs some restoration work but is a really fun piece.
Continuing with the horse theme, he bought this little guy yesterday.  It also is made from paper mache and needs some work.  He bargained the vendor down to less than half the original asking price.  He's pretty good at that - unlike me who if I get them to go down by 20% I think I've won the lottery.

The piece below is one of two:  they are the pitchers that bars used in the past to serve the beverage "pulque" that is made from cactus and is an alcoholic drink.  It is becoming more popular in the U.S. lately.

The pictures that follow are all from the market. 

 If you ever are in Mexico City, and if you like vintage and antiques, you will have to visit La Lagunilla.  Let us know if you are here and we'll be happy to take you there!

Happy Monday!

Citlali had to wear a sock because she has an infection in her paw.  Here she is milking it for all it's worth.

This isn't one of ours but I thought she .looked kind of cute.  In a weird way.

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