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Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday in Mexico, Volcanos, Cars and Holes

Mondays for Arturo and I are different from most days of the week for a rather simple reason.  We don't have a car on Mondays and we live out in a suburb that doesn't have much in the way of public transportation.  We don't have a car on Mondays because in Mexico City, part of the plan to reduce air pollution involves prohibiting cars that are seven years old (I think) from being used one day per week.  The day depends on your license plate number (I think).  Should get my facts right but truthfully, they don't matter that much since our car is a VW '87 bug.
I should note that Arturo really loves this car. Because of my constant complaints though we are looking for a used car that can COMFORTABLY transport us if we want to take a day trip somewhere.  Which we do.   So he is busy looking.

Even though it is annoying to not have use of our car one day per week, the air pollution in Mexico City has decreased substantially since the 1980's and 1990's even though the City is even larger now than it was then.   Proves that things can change for the better if people work to come up with solutions.

So, since we are housebound today, it has become cleaning day.  I like to have my house clean but I'm not a big fan of actually doing that, so I'm happy to say that I have finished cleaning for the day!  For some reason though, the cleaning made Citlali extremely nervous (it's not like we don't do this every week) and she is pretty much glued to me and won't stop shaking.  I wish they could talk sometimes so that I could fix whatever problem she seems to think she has.

Arturo is out in the backyard and has been there for hours.  I know he's digging a hole but I don't want to go ask him what exactly he's doing because then he may ask me to help.  Which I would do, but if I can avoid it even better.  I think he wants to lay stones down in the bottom level of the garden and he is going to bury the root of a tree he cut down last year.  He's made pretty good progress on his own so I will just stay up in my little office.

In other news today, el Popo, the very active volcano that sits on the outskirts of Mexico City, is once again very active.  El Popocatepetl has been active for as long as I can remember and through the years there have been a number of high alerts.  Thousands of people live on its base so the government has an evacuation plan in place in case he really decides to explode this time.  I think it is a "he".  I do know it means "Smoking Mountain".  It's beautiful and frightening.  Volcanos and earthquakes.  Can't say that Mexico City doesn't offer excitement.

Happy Monday!

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