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Friday, May 31, 2013

Sewing Again!

For over two months I did not touch my sewing machine.  At first I was burned out from sewing constantly for my Etsy store from November until the end of March.  After I recovered from that, I decided to spend what would be sewing time on research and writing.  Then I realized that we are five months into the year and I need to get going on some projects.  So now my office upstairs doubles as a sewing room.

 My first project is a quilt that I want to finish in time for Christmas.  Right.  Make that Christmas of 2014 as I've never made and hand quilted a quilt in less than two years.  One can always have hope though.  This particular quilt has hundreds of pieces to sew and then iron but for some goofy reason, I don't get bored doing it.  I put on ABBA (there are some out there who make fun of my ABBA music and you know who you are) or Tim McGraw, etc. and I'm happy.

 The thing about making gifts by hand, whether is is knitting, sewing, quilting, cross stitching, etc., is that the finished product is filled with love and good throughts.  While I'm making something for a person I"m feeling content and I pour all kinds of good thoughts into the project.  And that's why handmade items are never like mass produced ones.  Handmade may look a bit funkier and not as polished as something mass produced, but you just can't beat the love part.                                                              
See that wild eyed look that Citlali is giving me?  She was possessed yesterday and was more needy than usual.  The neediness is a product of being in Mexico - she isn't like this in Chicago.  But really, she should be used to Mexico by now.

My next post will be about adding book reviews as part of my blog.  I was asked to review a book yesterday and I will try to do one review per week.  They mostly will be mysteries and thrillers but I love most fiction.  If you have any suggestions or requests, please let me know!

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