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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Prayers for Little Puppy Caine and a Walk in the Neighborhood of Arturo's Beginnings

First, I want to say a couple of things about this cute little guy to my left.  He is one of the three surviving puppies of Mama Petunia, a pregnant pit bull who was brutally beaten, burned and left to die.  She survived long enough, with the help of a wonderful organization, Pittie Rescue, for the puppies to be born.  Only five of the puppies lived and unfortunately, because of the abuse and infections Mama Petunia had, two of those five died within the first several weeks.  Those of us following the story have had the opportunity to see the three remaining puppies grow, play and love being alive.  Now little Caine is sick.  There appears to be something wrong with his heart.

I know there are many humans in the world who are in need of help, prayers and monetary assistance.  However, we are for the most part the most fortunate ones in the world and I believe there is always a place in a heart for more compassion.  I'm praying for Caine and his remaining siblings to live and I hope you can add your own prayers.  No living being or animal deserves to be abused in any way. And I'm praying for the dogs' caretakers who have already had their hearts broken three times, that they not be broken again.

On to another topic, yesterday we went to the Centro of Mexico City searching for pumps and heaters for the outdoor jacuzzi that Arturo is building.  The Centro is the older part of Mexico City that still has every type of shop that you could need:  electrical, lighting fixtures, plumbing, fabric stores (my favorites!), hardware, etc.  Arturo's paternal grandfather had a machine shop in what is now a Best Western hotel, and his maternal grandmother had a "merceria" which is a store that sells threads, yarns, ribbons and some paper goods like notebooks.  The machine shop and the merceria were on the same street and that is how Arturo's parents met.  I love going to that area as it is like taking a step way back in history.

We didn't buy anything for the jacuzzi but we did walk for several hours, with the dogs of course, and Arturo collected many business cards filled with prices for what he wants.  We also ate there, I had enchiladas with mole and Arturo ate his favorite dish - caldo de pollo (chicken soup), which meant I didn't have to cook yesterday.

And I'll leave you with this goofy picture of Poukie that I took when we got back home yesterday.  Who knows what he was pouting about or if he was punishing himself for something.

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