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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Colonia Maza

We are always on the lookout  to discover places in Mexico City that are new for us.  I have to be frank about how we came to find Colonia Maza even if it is a bit tacky.  Arturo and I love plants and flowers and we want to fill the house with both.  However, we aren't here all year and when we leave for up to six months, they will all die.  So, we have been looking for good quality artificial plants and flowers.  You should see some of the looks we have gotten from vendors when we go to the outdoor and indoor flower and plants markets and ask them if they have fake ones.  One kind vendor must have taken pity on us and told us about Colonia Maza.  Colonia Maza has streets and streets of shops selling high quality artificial flowers and plants that make you look twice and I actually had to touch them to see if they are real or not.  It is a crafters' paradise too with stores that offer scrapbooking supplies, wood and ceramics to paint, do it yourself party decorations as well as party decor for every type of occasion, ribbons, the list goes on.  And let me tell you it was a constant battle to keep Poukie from peeing on everything - he thought they were real too.

We bought a bunch of flowers and made two beautiful arrangements.  However, the house construction is causing so much concrete dust everywhere that Arturo put them away before I could take the pictures.  Actually, I could have taken the pictures because they were on display for a couple of days but I didn't know they were going to disappear on me.  Another day I will post them.  And we will return to Maza for plants next time.

On the good news front, the remaining two puppies, siblings of puppy Caine, checked out okay at the vet's yesterday!  They show no signs of the heart disease that the other puppies died from.  It was time for some good news.  In the words of their caretakers:

Absolutely speechless! Our 2 little miracles, (say that again) MIRACLES have escaped the heart disease that took the lives of Mama, Jasmine, Snapdragon and Caine. The Doctor said their hearts are beating strong and they should live healthy long lives. We needed this so badly. The heartache was beginning to be too much too bare. Even though it's Wednesday, I think a happy dance and a celebration is just what the Dr ordered! We are truly blessed. Thank you for sending prayers and love! 

That made my day yesterday.

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