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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Aprons in Memory of Puppy Caine, and House Construction

From June 17th through June 24th I'm donating all the profits from anything I sell from my Etsy store Cherry Pie Aprons to It's a Pittie Rescue the wonderful organization that cared for puppy Caine during his all too short life, and which tried to save his mother Mama Petunia.  They now continue to care for Caine's two surviving siblings.  I'm also offering a 10% discount on all purchases with the coupon code "Sale3yrs" that you enter at the checkout.  I want to thank my daughter Laura Ford for wrapping and sending the aprons, spa clothes, etc. that have already sold!  So if you need an apron, or would like to give one as a gift, now is your chance to get two things for one:  something for yourself and something for a great organization.      

In other news from the Mexico City home front, Arturo decided to go ahead with his plans to do a partial rebuild of our house.  When we built it over 30 years ago, we did it little by little and now the kitchen and bathroom downstairs are outdated and just not what we want.  So the kitchen is being knocked down to make room for another car in the carport/patio/garage (we don't have two cars but maybe someday we will sell the house), the kitchen will be moved over one room, and I'm not really sure what all he is doing with the bathroom.  All I know is that there is an awful lot of pounding since houses here are made of concrete, a lot of concrete dust flying around and the dogs are not happy.    These are the pre tearing down my kitchen pictures:

        And here is supervisor Poukie.  Since he does not have a hard hat, he is now inside hiding under the bedspread.

 Funny thing is that for years I've wanted to redo the kitchen since it is quite primitive.  Now that it is actually happening, I'm nostalgic for the days back when we were building it.  I was 21 years old and pregnant with our first daughter, Diana.  Even though we didn't have much money, we had fun building our first house which consisted of the kitchen, a bathroom and one room where we lived.  That is the room you can see in the second picture above.  To say it was small is an understatement but we did okay there for several years and with two babies as Laura was born 14 months after Diana.  Our dog Linda fit in there with us too.  Later on we added to the house extending the first floor, adding a second floor and doing a lot of landscaping.  Thirty one years later it is still a house in progress.  Who knows what Arturo will think of next?  Always an adventure.                                                                                                                                                    

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