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Monday, June 10, 2013

Museo de Arte Popular

The Museo de Arte Popular, located in the Historical Center of Mexico City, has a fun exhibition right now that we, Arturo, his mom, brother Alfonos, sister Marcela and brother-in-law Antonio visited yesterday.  Montserrat Pecanins, a woman who was born in Spain but has lived much of her life in Mexico City, is a former art gallery owner, plus many other things, and who creates large shadow boxes of dancers, musicians,  and performers.  The exhibition showcases these wonderfully eccentric, intricate and elaborate boxes that she creates with moving figures.  These are a couple of my favorites:
 This one was one of my favorites because she created a bookstore and made lots of tiny books that you can't see here.

She has drawers full of sequins, lace, brocades, pearls, jewelry, fabrics, buttons and whatever other embellishments catch her eye.  As you can see, she loves bright, bold colors.

Arturo and his mom met her a couple of years ago since she was also a gallery owner and Arturo seems to know tons of people in the arts.  She owned her first gallery, located in Barcelona, together with her younger twin sisters.  All three spent most of their time in Mexico City where they were very well known in the artistic community.


This one is of the famous composer, Agustin Lara.

Our next stop was to eat at a neighborhood restaurant.  You know the kind of simple, but great food kind of place that isn't in the tourist books but where all the locals go?  That's this one.  It is right in front of one of Latin America's oldest radio station, XEW.  Sorry but I don't know the name of the restaurant.  Next time.  They have the best enchiladas in mole - I may have mentioned that before - as well as pancita and chicken soup.  Lots of other good things too.
l-r: Alonso, Josefina, my mother-in-law, Arturo, me and Marcela
We rounded off the day walking around the center.  Arturo's mom is a great guide considering that she lived there for many years and Alfonso was born in the historic center.

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