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Friday, June 7, 2013

Update on Puppy Caine

Puppy Caine spent a night at Purdue University so they could evaluate his heart.  Unfortunately, the vets are not optimistic about his chances for a long life.  They cannot even say whether he will see his first birthday.  However, he is happy being back home with his two siblings, both of whom will probably also be tested to see if they have the same heart problem.  I am going to cut and paste the update directly from Caine's people:

We are finally home. It’s been a long few days. I know everyone has been patiently waiting the news. Great news: Caine was amazing today. He was so bouncy and cheerful and full of puppy life. As soon as he got outside, he rolled and played in the grass. He was just so excited to be with us and on his way home. He made us laugh and forget our sadness. Good news: Everyone who cared for Caine over the last 24 hrs has been wonderful. He melted so many hearts there. We are thankful for all the love he received while he was away from home. Not so great news: Caine is still sick. His heart is very weak. He will continue to take medications daily to help his little heart beat. He also will be monitored by the doctors. Terrible news: As Caine grows, his heart will be compromised. I asked the doctor if we would get a year of life more with Caine and she shrugged. They could not tell us how much longer he will be with us, but with medication his quality of life will be better. He will be allowed to romp and play with his siblings and dig holes. He will be smothered with love until his last day with us. We promised him we would never give up so we will continue to believe in our 3 little miracles. I am hoping when miracles are being passed out, Caine is picked. 

The puppies are happy to be together and who knows?  
I'm sure the vets would be thrilled to see that Caine oulives their
prognosis!  Keep sending prayers to Caine and his brother and sister that they will enjoy a long dog's life!  Thank you.

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