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Friday, June 28, 2013

Polanco's Modern Architecture

I'm fascinated with the older homes and buildings in the Polanco neighborhood and I've posted many such photos, but the last time we were there I started focusing on the newer architecture.  It was a Sunday afternoon and after eating we walked through the neighborhoods enjoying the quiet (something that is out of the ordinary for Mexico City) and empty streets.  I started looking up at the building and realized that many of the new structures are actually quite beautiful.  I still prefer the older buildings, but I can live with these:

I had to take this one that is below though.  I will always love color over steel and white.  For me, the house below has so much more character and charm. I can imagine the people who have lived in such houses over the years and I can invent stories for them in my head.  For some reason that is harder for me to do with the newer buildings.  I realize it is all a matter of taste though and I understand why people love modern architecture as much as I love the older styles.

As to our architectural changes here in our house, we are all covered with cement dust.  It's in my eyes, nose and apparently my lungs since I've been coughing for two days now.  We keep telling ourselves it is only temporary.  I actually tried to take a picture of all the dust floating through the air but the photo didn't do the scene justice.

For my friends in Chicago - enjoy the Blackhawks Victory Parade!!  I was downtown for the last one and it was so much fun!  I want to be there for next year's parade so there had better be a repeat.


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