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Friday, June 15, 2012

Blue Owls and other Hodge Podge

I spent most of today sewing and cutting out aprons.  Arturo is going to Chicago in mid July and I want to send as many finished aprons with him as I can.  He doesn't know it yet but he will be taking them to Chicago and then bringing back more fabric when he returns to Mexico.  Here is the Blue Owl one referred to in the title:

I adjusted the pattern for that style of apron, called "Sonia", to start making them in the plus size.  I cut one out in a black fabric with red and white glasses of wine and grapes to make the first one.  I offer plus sizes in the "Diana" style but I want to expand what to other styles.

After I wrote the post last night it just poured for almost an hour.  We ended up with over two inches of water in the living room.  We didn't sleep well for some reason and around 3 a.m. Citlali started barking - something she rarely does at night.  Arturo went downstairs to check since we have no windows down there the house is open to anyone who can scale a fence.  Anyway, he heard a sparking noise that sounded like a live wire and sure enough, in the two inches of water, was a shorted out extension cord.  Luckily for me it was Arturo who went down there because I would have stepped in the water to find the noise.  I don't always do the smartest things. When he came back upstairs I asked him if he had stepped in the water and he at me as if I were an idiot and said "I'm alive aren't I?"  Like I said, good thing he went down there.

Just to end with another Etsy item.  This is one of the stores that I follow because I love their photos and the slips.  I don't wear slips often, but if I did, I would want them to look like this:

Happy weekend everyone!

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