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Monday, June 4, 2012


One of our favorite places to go in Mexico City is the neighborhood of Polanco.  It has a vibrant, almost European feeling to it and is full of beautiful architecture.  We decided to take the dogs with us as they had not been out except on their daily (multiple) walks in our neighborhood.  The first pictures are of the building and plaza where we have a condo that we are renting out.  The plaza has about thirty shops and boutiques, including a Starbucks where I always need to stop, and a gorgeous yarn shop.  (I don't know if I've mentioned how much I love knitting).

The next picture is of the balcony of our condo.  We are renting it out to the cutest couple - he is from China and is the chef at the nearby Presidente Hotel.  She is Mexican and they have 10 month old twins.

About a block away from the condo is a park that ironically is named "Lincoln Park".  It's ironic only because we live in the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago.  There are two statues in the park - one of Martin Luther King and the other of, big surprise, Abraham Lincoln.

The Daughters of the American Revolution donated the Lincoln statue.

If you ever visit Mexico City, make sure to include Polanco on your list of where to visit.  It will be a long list though so plan on staying at least a few days.  Besides all the places to visit in the City, the pyramids are only an hour away and are a must see.

I finished the blue toile half apron today.  I added lace to the pocket and to the waistband.  The pictures when it comes out on Etsy will be much better.  

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