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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have three daughters and they are the light of my life.  They amaze me, they make me laugh, cry, want to hug them and then scold them - sometimes all in the space of a few minutes!  They are all adults now and making their own way in the world which makes me so very proud of them.  Like all of us, sometimes they stumble and even fall, but they have the strength to get up and keep on going.

This picture was taken at Diana's engagement party in late April - from left to right it is Laura, Diana and Sonia.  Sonia's legal name is "Sonya" but for some goofy reason her father wanted "Sonia" so there you go.

Even though at times I have wanted to tear my hair out over their antics (and I suspect that I only am aware of maybe 10% of all their antics), and other times I thought I would never survive their teen years, I would never trade a single second of any of it for a different life.  My daughters have made me try to be a better person and ironically, they have encouraged me to stretch my wings.  So cheers for all the daughters in the world!


  1. Lovely girls! I hope I will have a daughter or more one day. :)
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    Thank you,

    Ali :)

  2. Thank you Ali! Going to your blog now. Naomi